Copper Telecom System

Drop Wire Modules,STB Module,LSA Connection
Module,Pouyet Module,Distribution Box,Telecom
Parts.As you needed we will develop.Accept OEM

Go ProductSTB module Series

FTTH Drop Wire Clamps

FTTH Cabling Installation Accessories Solutions,
offered to Telecom cabling connection and fiber
wall socket connection.including Drop wire clamp,
draw hooks,cable clamp,cable clips.....

Go ProductDrop wire clamp Series

Main Product Solutions

Copper telecom solutions

Copper Telecom Solutions

FTTH Solution

Fiber Optic Solutions

Drop Wire Clamp Solution

FTTH Cabling Clamps 


Optic Tool Solutions

Who Nexway Is?

vistit STB factory

Nexway Industry Group, begin in 2008 when 10 employees joined together.

is a leader manufacturer supporting our customers with flexible,end-to-end

copper telecom and fiber optic connectivity physical infrastructure solutions

that we can help your businesses stay connected in a global world.

Our high-performance products improve productivity and offer a lower total

cost of ownership to create a competitive business advantage.With operations in

more than 50 countries……

Why Work With Us


Professional design teams,

as your idea as we finish.


More 15 years’ experience.

From design to Manuacture.


All material be tested

Product 100% inspection

24H Service

Anywhere and Anytime,

 we will service online always.

Who Is Our Clients


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