How to install optic fast connector.As the optic telecom techonlogy are continuous update and caused the large-scale development of FTTH (fiber to the home), thereby promoting the continuous expansion of the market of fiber optic fast connectors. In the process of optical fiber fusion there are two methods for fiber splicing .One is fiber fusion. This is more complicated and mostly be used for large-scale  and long-distance optical signal transmission; another is the use of fast connectors for connection. Its small and easy to operate, and it can easily achieve the connection of optical fiber even in small spaces.Especially SC fiber optic connectors are widely used in f FTTH field. because of their high termination success rate and strong stability.

So How to Install the Optic fast connector, Follow us one step by step:                                                                                                                                                                  Step 1: Remove the connector cover and put the fibe cable through;

Step 2: Strip the outer sheath of the cable with optical fiber stripping pliers, the length is about 5CM;
Step 3: Cut the exposed coating  close to the edge of the clamp and expose the optical fiber core;
Step 4: Wipe and clean the bare fiber with a dustproof cloth;

Step 5: Use the fixture to cut the optical fiber;
Step 6: Align the optical fiber with the main hole and insert it. When the optical fiber initially shows a bent state, press down the crimping cover;
Step 7: Screw the end cap stringed on the cable back to the connector body and buckle the shell.

Now Finsh all the steps.welcome to suggestion or better ideas.