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100 Pair 71 Terminal Block 100 Pair Siemens Terminal Block

  • 71 Terminal Block
  • 100 Pair Terminal Block
  • Corning Terminal Blocks
  • Siemens 71 Blocks
  • Siemens Terminal Block

Product Model: NW-C39104-A45

Brand Name: Nexway                            
Place of Origin: CHINA                             
Min Order Quantity: 100pcs                          
Delivery Time: 20 days                            
Package: Carton/Pallet                  
Payment Terms: TT/LC/Western Union  
Supply Ability: 10000pcs/day                 

Description: Siemens MDF 71 series terminal block consist of the following elements.Mounting frame,100 pairs terminal block,dust cover,wire guide

Siemens MDF 71 series terminal block consist of the following elements,
• Mounting frame: used for the stable mounting of the functional elements and wire guides
• 8- or 10-pair functional elements are fitted with double IDC contacts with and without a connection option for the MDF plug and with and without a protection option
• Wire guides with double channels guide the twisted wire pairs to the IDC contacts
• Jumpering combs used to provide a clear overview of the wiring Jumpering

  • Protection magazine
    – 3-point protection magazine with 2- or 3-electrode arresters
    – 5-point protection magazine with 2- or 3-electrode arresters and ceramic or polymer PTCs
    • Accessories
    – Termination tool
    – Labeling sets (label holders, covers)
    – Label strips
    – Disconnection/dummy plugs
    – Marking caps
    – Cable cover
    – MDF plug

Oder Information

100 Pair Terminal Block…………………………………………………………………NW-C39104-A45

Insulation resistance
 Dry atmesphere>1012Ω
 Damp atmesphere(ASTMD618)>1012Ω
 Salt fog(ASTMB117)>1012Ω
 Immersion in water(15 daysin 3% NaCi solution)>1012Ω
 Contact resistance
 RMaterial+Rbridge contacts+Rwire contacts<10mΩ
 Increase in contact resistance
 After climatic tests<2.5mΩ
 After 50 reinsertions<2.5mΩ
 Dielectric strength>3000 Vdc for 1 minutes
Mechanical characteristics
Box base and coverPolycarbonate RAL 7035
Earthing assemblyStainless steel
GrommetsThermoplastic rubber
BodyFlame retardant9UL94) fiber-glass reinforced polycarbonate
Lower sealantPolymeric resin
Pair/drop wire housing screwSpecial passivated direct lacquered Zamac alloy
Drop wire housing bodyTransparent polycarbonate
Cable/drop wire membraneThermoplastic rubber
Upper cable sealantSilicone fluid
Pair/drop qire bearing coverPolycarbonate
Insertion contactsTinned phosphor bronze
Ground contactsCu-Zn-Ni-Ag alloy
Plug-in module bodyFlame retardant(UL94) fiber-glass reinforced polycarbonate
Continuity contactsTinned hard brass
Plug-in module sealantGel
“O” ringEPDM
SpringStainless Steel

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Contact Details

Nexway Industry Group Limited

Contact Person: Mr Ballen

      +86 13858342939